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BIO Bangkok native. Santa Cruz dweller. World traveler. Jam maker. Pioneer (i.e. delinquent) food blogger. Food book author. Occasional cookery teacher.

SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter: @chezpim (76,809+) Facebook: (4,993+) Instagram: chezpim (4080+)

DEVICES iPhone, iPad, blackboard

STATUS UPDATES Depends, some days quite often. Other days not at all. More of the former.

WHO TO FOLLOW Robbie Swinnerton @tokyofoodfile, Andrea Nguyen @aqnguyen, Oliver Strand @OliverStrand.

FOOD CELEBRITY FOLLOWS David Kinch @DavidKinch (of course), Adam Rappaport @rapo4, Dan Lepard @dan_lepard.

COOK STATUS A geeky cook and a -bona fide- jam maker (http://shop.chezpim.com)

KNIFE STATUS Usually not as sharp as I’d like them to be.

COOKBOOK STATUS Frankly I don’t know. Probably at least 500.

RESTAURANT REGULAR STATUS In life, Manresa. In my dreams I’m a regular at State Bird Provisions.

LATEST GREATEST MEAL L’Arpège, in Paris in January. I started the year on a very high note.

MORNING STATUS? This guy I live with has been geeking out on the AeroPress lately. I am reaping the benefit. Otherwise, it’s at Verve downtown Santa Cruz.

FOOD MAGAZINE STATUS? Don’t subscribe, but I buy the usual suspects off the rack: Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Saveur, so on. I grab Edibles (SF & Monterey Bay) when I see them. I also like the food content in Afar. YAM, out of France, is rather retentive but often profiles some very interesting artisans and chefs.

Get some jam at Chez Pim Delicious Confitures.

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