How to Roast Vegetables

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I am tempted to tell you to put the vegetables in a hot oven, since that is what roasting is. For wonderfully crusted and flavorful roasted vegetables, however, just a tad more effort is involved.

There are a few reasons that vegetables roasted at home aren’t always as tempting as ones you may have at a restaurant. Along with a nice hot oven—at least 375°F. if not 400°F.—roasted vegetables require plenty of room to be subject to that heat. Useful as roasting pans are for many things, I find large baking sheets much better for roasting vegetables, and I like to arrange them, as much as possible, so each vegetable has plenty of room around it and isn’t touching anything. They also benefit from a coating of olive oil, melted butter or other tasty fat. You can drizzle the vegetables, of course, but I find putting them in a large bowl to toss them and coat them evenly works better. (You can add spices at this point, since you’ll be able to spread them evenly and avoid clumps of spice.) Once the vegetables are arranged for roasting don’t forget to give them a generous sprinkling of salt. Be sure to turn the vegetables once they’re brown on one side, so they can brown evenly.

This basic method can be applied to a wide range of fall vegetables, from cauliflower and potatoes to winter or summer squash and eggplant.


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