The Last Word on “God Made a Farmer”

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From the geniuses at Written/Edited by Nick Wiger

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  • Brad Wilson February 7, 2013 - 9:05 pm Reply

    So you’re saying that the last word must be support for agribusiness through spreading myths about how the farm bill really works? Plus bashing the first line of US Farm Bill victims while ignoring their exploiters? That’s really negative and counter to your own best values, purposes and intentions.

    But what can I possibly mean? Farmers were reduced by abut $4 trillion (2011 $) but later began to get compensated by about $500 billion (2011 $). Read: “The Hidden Farm Bill: Secret Trillions for Agribusiness,” then see the data charts.

    This video, someone, (cartoon character of skeleton,) made uses some of the dramatic images of our way of life that meant so much to rural people, but with a smart a## voice, and then images of ecological damage and corporations, then more images from the original, then several slides falsely portraying us as benefiting from the farm bill, when we’ve been reduced by $8 for every dollar in subsidies, when we’ve lost money on our investments for decades, and had the lowest prices in history only a few years ago (and continuing for 5 major commodity crops out of 8, plus dairy). So it bashes the cherished images and blames the victims, all while ignoring the exploiters, the agbiz buyers.

    And what really grates is that the Food Movement (progressives) massively (but totally unknowingly) support these buyers in farm bill advocacy, because they don’t know how farm bills work. Oh yea, it’s all directly against the (usually) great values and intentions of food progressives, and directly against their rhetoric against cheap corn, etc. (which is great).

    Bottom line, here, there and everywhere I find well meaning people subsidy bashing, but advocating for Cargill, ADM, Tyson, Smithfield, Kelloggs. Basically, “that’s your brain on agribusiness.” Unlike the message of the cartoon skeleton, (the video here,) you need to support the major “Farm Justice Proposals for the 2012 Farm Bill,” now 2013, or else you’re shilling for AgBiz. Click my name for re-education/excorcism of that brain! As I was quoted in Foodopoly: “Enough already!” Read chapter 1!

    So please understand the context. If I’m correct about Food Movement advocacy, then my being ticked off is fully valid, and I’m doing all of this for their own good, for their own values!

  • Edible San Francisco February 7, 2013 - 9:53 pm Reply

    Thanks Brad. “Last word,” as in my final re-tweet of all the conversation around the original ad. By the way, we included a substantial excerpt from Wenonah Hauter’s new book (Foodopoly) in our latest issue by the way, so we are certainly on the same page, but the original ad deserves scrutiny for mythologizing a way of life to sell pickup trucks.
    Bruce Cole

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