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The sugary drink industries have much to answer for their role in obesity promotion.

They put billions of dollars into advertising, much of it directed to children and minority groups.

They lobby Congress and federal agencies to prevent laws and regulations that might affect sales.

They co-opt health organizations to neutralize criticism (hence: the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ advice to focus on “education and moderation”)

They attack public health professionals who advise “don’t drink your calories.”

They attack the science and make it appear confusing (see the above ad which does not mention studies that show otherwise).

They price drinks to favor the largest size servings; an 8-ounce soft drink costs much more per ounce than a 2-liter bottle.

If the Beverage Association really wanted to help Americans eat more healthfully, it could change all of those practices.

Beverage companies are interested in one thing and one thing only: the financial health of beverage companies.

FOOD POLITICS by Marion Nestle: 

Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban proposal hits the wall

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